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Complete And Expert Intelligence & Investigations Services,
Your Compliance And Due Diligence Agency in Brazil.

Corporate fraud investigators, we help legal departments and succesful worldwide lawyers with Intelligence & Investigations services in Brazil.

Pre-contract reputation and pre-litigation asset search, we specialise in asset tracing and recovery.

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We Deliver More Information, an Asset Search Agency You Can Trust

The truth is out there but the evidences are scarce. To gain fast and accurate Intelligence & Investigations is fatal. Montax offers Financial Intelligence Reports developed by technicals and transparent Analists. Armed by accurate, actionable information and overall financial records, our clients can make strategic decisions about prevent fraud and recovery assets.

Our Search, Tracing And Recovery Assets Services

All disputes and litigates generate asset search need to solve the Execution of Judgment. Montax Intelligence‘s corporate investigation services provides assets due diligence which enable clients to increase your chances of success in recovery assets.

We respect our foreigner clients and searching for exceed their expectations. We value each client honestly and confidentiality ever.

Asset Search

People Tracing

Financial Fraud Investigations

KYC Compliance

AML Due Diligence

Background Check

Due Diligence


Risk Management


Evidence Search

Background Check

Risk Management



Compliance Intelligence

Integrity Program (Anti-corruption Act)

Privacy Governance Program (LGPD)

Background Check

Risk Management


More Than 100 Legal Departments From Banking, Assurance, Finance, Construction And Many Others Industries Supported

Our proven track record in Intelligence & Investigations for corporate clients and law firms secured us an enviable client list. We operate across all over Brazil and the most important states from USA.
Our specialists team of Intelligence, Investigations, Compliance and Due Diligence undestand how to solution your problem because they understand the Brazil´s law and culture.

Our Directors

We are based in our Rio de Janeiro office, central agency supported by an extensive network of associates in many states of Brazil in several industries like financial, oil and gas, registrars of property, construction and others.
Call now +55 (21) 98102-2001
E-mail montax@montaxbrasil.com.br

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Briefing SPQR – Serviço de Pesquisa e Qualificação de Riscos® – Manual de Compliance, Due Diligence & Inteligência Financeira Para Proteção e Recuperação de Ativos

O Briefing SPQR – Serviço de Pesquisa e Qualificação de Riscos® – Manual de Compliance, Due Diligence & Inteligência Financeira Para Proteção e Recuperação de Ativos é o único com um roteiro de busca de bens capaz de guiá-lo à penhora de bens em Execuções cíveis para você finalmente receber seu dinheiro de volta.

Você pode descobrir como a Inteligência Financeira pode te ajudar a solucionar Execuções cíveis e proteger seus investimentos.

É um jeito novo e poderoso de recuperação de ativos e prevenção de perdas financeiras.

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Compliance Experts, a Brazil Intelligence Professionals Agency working with financial informations in the same level of Brazil Federal Police and Operation Car Wash.

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