Cyber Due Diligence

Cyber due diligences are vulnerabilities tests of the computerized company’s system, internet and Intranet, for the improvement of the system or technology to prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber audits are essential because of the giant digitalization phenomenon in the corporate world.

Digital companies tend to grow in the Information Age, meanwhile others tend to disappear. And digital fraudsters (hackers) know that.

They are Intelligence and Counterintelligence services applied to digital media in companies. Cyber security to prevent attacks, or internal corporis violations and IT Forensics consulting in the case of frauds.

Corporations need to carry out anti-fraud mechanisms with digital security actions against cyber attacks, violations and internal abuse.

Strategic plans, know-how, customer lists and other intangible assets of the company are very valuable and are increasingly vulnerable in the digitalization production processes phenomenon.

Our differential are the consulting services in Forensics IT with electronic data cross-checking and historical data with records of abrupt increase – and suspect – of assets of dishonest employees and malicious hackers.