Assets location

Assets Location & Investigations are one of Montax´s main services and most important assignment in the cases of disputes and litigations. We provide information about defaulted fraudsters and debtors.

To find out “Where?” is the money is as important as knowing “who” stole the money! There is point in winning lawsuits against fraudsters and debtors without finding out their financial assets. With assets investigation a corporation can recover more on less time without spending unnecessary resources.

The location of people and diverted assets from fraud is Montax´s primary result from our services of Information, Intelligence & Corporate fraud Investigations.

We identify evidences of the debtor´s assets obtained dishonestly or not, but that can be used to the payment of debts or frauds indemnity or of corruption.

We are undoubtedly the best company in locating people, businesses and assets and of assets recovery in Brazil.

Corporate fraud originates to judicial proceedings which require technical and investigative consulting to support litigations for the creditor to find the debtor’s assets.

Montax believes that the best stories are the ones told from the end, reason why the intelligence services applied to judicial disputes first identifies the financial assets of the main suspects to furthermore track down the rest of the money.

We use a secret Briefing that, combined with modern investigative techniques, is able to provide to our analysts patrimonial information and evidences of a property or legal assets protection schemes.

Please contact us if you need to locate a debtor and their assets.