Information & Intelligence Services

Intelligence services are information services and collection of business information to help in the decision making or in the solution of complex cases with investigative due diligences of business partners and background checks for fraud prevention and risk mitigation.

Montax´s pre-agreement research provides the information needed before a decision-making (contract & deals) to identify threats and prevent frauds with our technical and investigative consulting in litigation support.

Information services help in defining strategies. And actionable Intelligence helps in tactical actions.

Business intelligence activity is the corporate risk management tool, anti-corruption compliance and a support in disputes. They are intelligence services used in investigative audits.

Montax takes advantage of the wide experience gained in serving multiple clients and explores a secret briefing to warn corporations about threats and to access strategic information in disputes & litigations.

We use open-source intelligence (OSINT) and human sources of intelligence (HUMINT), because they are both legal and ethical.

Montax Intelligence Reports help companies in risky businesses, complex causes, business disputes and in the location of people, businesses and assets recovery.