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We specialize in Intelligence Services - Investigative Due diligence - Background checks - Risk Management - Business Security - Asset Searches, -Corporate fraud - Forensic Investigation Services and Litigation support.

Before or after hiring or closing a business, we will answer your questions about the parties involved, whether professionals, either business partners, opponents and competitors.

Montax works strategically with clients in managing business risks, anti-corruption compliance, information security, compliance and corporate processes, security and fraud prevention in organizations.

These are multidisciplinary solutions, technical and investigative consulting for litigation support, particularly to gather evidence in complex disputes and in the spotting of assets diverted from fraud.

Hundreds of law firms and legal departments of corporations won litigation disputes using strategic information and documents (evidence) gathered by Montax

We help organizations to succeed in an increasingly complex world with information about facts, events and trends to minimize risks and prevent them against impacts.

Montax Intelligence Report is appropriate to the business environment and frauds in Brazil, but with a world-class and analytical content presentation.

Montax understands the country´s culture - without neglecting the international context - and recognizes the interactivity and media convergence in the Information Age.




Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Rua Figueiredo Magalhães, 387/801 - Copacabana - CEP: 22031-011

+55 (21) 2143-6516

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