Cyber Security

Cyber Due Diligence

Cyber due diligences are vulnerabilities tests of the computerized company's system, internet and Intranet, for the improvement of the system or technology to prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber audits are essential because of the giant digitalization phenomenon in the corporate world.

Digital companies tend to grow in the Information Age, meanwhile others tend to disappear. And digital fraudsters (hackers) know that.

They are Intelligence and Counterintelligence services applied to digital media in companies. Cyber security to prevent attacks, or internal corporis violations and IT Forensics consulting in the case of frauds.

Corporations need to carry out anti-fraud mechanisms with digital security actions against cyber attacks, violations and internal abuse.

Strategic plans, know-how, customer lists and other intangible assets of the company are very valuable and are increasingly vulnerable in the digitalization production processes phenomenon.

Our differential are the consulting services in Forensics IT with electronic data cross-checking and historical data with records of abrupt increase - and suspect – of assets of dishonest employees and malicious hackers.




Virtual Intrusion Prevention (Security of Information)

Montax supports corporations to be wary of cyber attacks with recommendations for the installation of latest generation of harwares and softwares not yet known by cybercriminals.

The productive systems are more and more dependent on computer systems and information security issues, and cybersecurity are extremely important at the current stage of the Information Age.

Scanning, cloud computing and remote access for home-offices are global trends that increase the risks of violation or misuse of computerized systems (faults), mainly in stockrooms (inventory), registration of invoices for payment to suppliers and customers, especially in the case of banks and insurance companies.




Cyber Security of ERP and CRM

Montax assists corporations with computerized systems corrections -Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to prevent internal fraud.

The companies ERP and CRM systems are constantly subjected to internal violations, abuse or user errors that can impact on the functioning or even harm the corporate´s image.




Intrusion Testing, Violation and Extrusion

We performed tests of data entry, access to strategic information of the company and exit, taken from data and inside privileged information for the correction and prevention of systems from external attacks.

Montax carries out intrusion and extrusion detection methods, installs "baits" to identify vulnerabilities of systems and of the fraudsters.

We solve issues of information security risk against inadequate use and external violations of computer systems with anti-fraud methods.

Montax identifies existing gaps of computerized systems and performs personal and patrimonial location of fraudsters for the effective recovery of assets diverted from corporate fraud by electronic means.




Digital Contingency Plan (Cyber CONPLAN)

We elaborate Digital area contingency plans (Cyber CONPLAN) to ensure continuity of digital operations.

After the elaboration of containment strategy, we conduct hardwares and softwares redundancy to ensure the continuity of production processes and profitability of the company.



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