Corporate Investigations

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Corporate investigations require discretion not to harm the Brand and not to damage a Corporation´s image.

Montax conducts internal and external corporate fraud investigations with legitimate infiltration actions; Search for Evidence of fraud; identification of employees who favored opponents and competitors; and authors of crimes against industrial property as imitation of trademarks, patents, computer programs, know-how (non-patented technology).

We investigate cases of unfair competition through the theft of a customer´s portfolio or other intangible assets, targets to fraud and corporate espionage.

Montax serves client companies with corporate fraud investigations focusing on "laudering" and concealment through reverse engineering of assets protection to the identification of fraudsters and location of goods resulted from financial crimes.




Litigation & Dispute Support

Montax´s corporate investigations gives support in litigations and disputes.

If attorneys play a key role in the implementation of Justice, corporate fraud investigators are professionals essential to the survey of information concerning fraud, its players, co-players and participants, from inside or outside the organization.

Litigation actions & disputes support increase the chances of success in lawsuits.




Evidence Searches

Search for evidences in corporate frauds investigations are gathering information actions about the opponents and documents (evidences) useful in legal disputes.

Wins who can prove the facts and allegations!

We carry out actions of collection and search for proofs useful in judicial disputes and other litigation support and forensic activity, as the location of useful documents in court proceedings.

The evidences accessed by Montax can demonstrate backgrounds harmful to the challenger and put his thesis into question.




Complex Cases

Some cases of corporate fraud are analyzed by various government agencies such as the Federal Police Department, Federal revenue service of Brazil (RFB), Administrative Council for economic Defense (CADE), National Institute of Industrial property (INPI), Trade unions, BM & FBOVESPA, Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM), sometimes even by the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in order words, they are disputes and litigations of complex cases that demands a multidisciplinary analysis.

Montax helps corporations minimize the importance of the multiple investigations in each of these agencies to conduce to a single location or court/instance.




Conflict of Interest Detection

Conflict of interest (COI) occurs when one of the parties involved in a business or dispute has vested interest in favoring the other party.

It happens when the interests of one of those involved are in conflict with the interests of its shareholders, customers or business partners, especially in commercial competitions in which one of those involved would be satisfied with any of the results precisely because he/she would profit from the victory of either party. It is a type of corporate fraud.

This is the case of a director or shareholder who advises or participates in an opposing or supplier company, getting inappropriate advantage. Fairly common example of conflict of interest occurs when a professional person, doctor or lawyer etc., suggests to its clients procedures or unnecessary actions or even damaging to sell a product or service, their conflicting interests with the person that consulted you.

Montax conducts corporate frauds investigations committed by directors of corporations listed as De Jure or De facto partners or suppliers in obvious conflict of interests.

Corporate disputes can be derived from the declining in profits and from company dividends arising due to hiring shell companies or suppliers favored by its controller.



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