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Assets Location & Investigations are one of Montax´s main services and most important assignment in the cases of disputes and litigations. We provide information about defaulted fraudsters and debtors.

To find out "Where?" is the money is as important as knowing “who” stole the money! There is point in winning lawsuits against fraudsters and debtors without finding out their financial assets. With assets investigation a corporation can recover more on less time without spending unnecessary resources.

The location of people and diverted assets from fraud is Montax´s primary result from our services of Information, Intelligence & Corporate fraud Investigations.

We identify evidences of the debtor´s assets obtained dishonestly or not, but that can be used to the payment of debts or frauds indemnity or of corruption.

We are undoubtedly the best company in locating people, businesses and assets and of assets recovery in Brazil.

Corporate fraud originates to judicial proceedings which require technical and investigative consulting to support litigations for the creditor to find the debtor's assets.

Montax believes that the best stories are the ones told from the end, reason why the intelligence services applied to judicial disputes first identifies the financial assets of the main suspects to furthermore track down the rest of the money.

We use a secret Briefing that, combined with modern investigative techniques, is able to provide to our analysts patrimonial information and evidences of a property or legal assets protection schemes.

Please contact us if you need to locate a debtor and their assets.




Financial Crimes Solution

Corporate investigations require secrecy and demand expertise because financial criminals are articulated and influent.

Companies that got careless on preventive human resources (background checks) and preventive due diligences are more vulnerable to internal fraud threats. Suppliers may fail to comply with their deals. On these cases, Montax helps in the recovery of assets diverted from fraud.

Corporate fraud investigations are services of intelligence and forensic litigation support. An Investigative survey of frauds and complex disputes.




Actions Against Money Laundering and Concealment of Assets

Montax helps financial institutions to identify discreetly the origin of amounts deposited by clients suspected to exempt banks, commercial companies, brokerage firms and investment funds that have been unwittingly used in crimes of "laundering" and concealment of assets, rights and values.

Banks and investment funds may need to prove their non-involvement in the cases of tax evasion and "money laundering" of customers and business partners.

Fiscal and financial compliance and client´s Auditing help financial directors with reliable information about the origin and destination of suspicious financial transactions resources.




Identification of Economic Groups and Key players

Montax identifies Economic key players (individuals and organizations) and has access to evidences of their economic integration for the the extension of enforcement actions effects to the various people and business societies.

In the case of controlling partners of entrepreneurial companies in financial restructuring lawsuits or bankruptcy, Montax helps find people, businesses and assets, in Brazil or abroad, directly or indirectly controlled by the key players that caused bankruptcy.




De Facto and De Jure Partners ("Figureheads")

We help our clients in the identification and localization of individuals and legal entities, Brazilian or foreign, controlled by the directors of defaulted companies or the ones related to them.

Montax identifies people, companies, goods, credits and rights for Asset Recovery.

We focus on the key players patrimony (person or organization) and income from their economic activity, including those goods registered in the name of figureheads.




Holding Companies

Montax identifies a holding company – holder of financial assets – of an economic group to help clients in their alliances, mergers & acquisitions and lawsuits to recover assets.

We point out individuals and organizations that holds assets and, for that reason, they should integrate a business or lawsuit to reduce business risks and avoid insolvency.

Whether fixed or intangible assets, the holding company is the strategic economic key player that deserves mention in any business or action of credit collection and execution.




Financial Arm Companies

Montax identifies the company´s financial arm of an economic group to help customers in alliances, mergers & acquisitions and asset recovery in legal actions.

We find individuals and organizations that carry out financial transactions and must, for that reason, integrate business or disputes to avoid insolvency.

Because of their financial transactions, the company's financial arm is the key strategic economic player that also deserves emphasis in any business or legal action.




Operating companies (“Smokescreen”)

Montax identifies the operating company or companies of an economic group to help customers in alliances, mergers & acquisitions and asset recovery and legal actions by finding individuals and organizations used exclusively for hiring or even for the practice of fiscal and financial crimes and must, consequently, be set apart of the business or legal disputes to avoid insolvency.

Because of its asset stripping and insolvency, the operating company is the tactical or operational economic key player that should be avoided in any business or asset recovery action.

Assets stripping also serve as proof of crimes such as embezzlement and fraudulent dealing.



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